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IOC Capital not only believes and sees the power blockchain holds but is building the bridge between blockchain technology and the mass adoption movement.

This offer is for US accredited investors and foreign investors who pass a KYC and AML check. Non-accredited US investors are not eligible to participate in this offering. 

1 IOCX = 0.10 USD

Soft: $4Million USD

Hard: $60Million USD

Raised: $4.5Million USD

We accept bank wire USD, BTC, LTC, and ETH.



IOC Capital LLC has created the IOCX token for the world to use. The IOCX token will give investors discounts on all of our future investment services and products. Investors of Crypto is expanding its services to investors worldwide. It is our greatest hope that the IOCX token will gain value in the cryptocurrency markets as our company grows and achieves great milestones and revenues. Once you invest in the IOCX token you will become an important part of the Investors of Crypto Family.


Allow us to explain the benefits our investors will receive after investing. All investors will receive bonus tokens according to which phase the bonus program is at during the offering.  IOCX STO investors that meet the barrier to entry of $10,000 or more will receive a 25% capital match that will be allocated to our private IOCX STO Hedge Fund for our elite Genesis class of investors. The 25% capital match will be traded and managed daily on the investor's behalf for a period of five years, and dividends will be paid out quarterly. At the end of the 5 years, we will issue the remaining seed money back to the investors as a final thank you.


For example:


If you invest $100,000 in IOCX tokens, you will receive your full token allotment with the applicable bonus as well as a 25% capital match, in this case, you would receive $25,000 USD entry into our hedge fund for a period of five years with dividends being paid every quarter.


Investors of $10,000 or more will also receive quarterly dividends of 25% from our Online Learning Academy profits for a period of five years. IOCX STO token holders will also receive limited voting rights on a wide array of our business decisions such as Online Academy content, Crypto Bus learning tour locations, IOC meeting events and more…


Welcome to the Investors of Crypto Securities Token Offering, and welcome to the IOC family. Buy your IOCX tokens now and be a part of the future of investments today!




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Daniel Neves

Founder & CEO

Our CEO & Founder Daniel Neves is incredibly passionate about the cryptocurrency and traditional investment sectors. Daniel comes from a pedigree of investment professionals that dates back decades. With over 20 years experience in the sales and financial investment sectors, he is confident in his ability to grow your wealth. Our CEO currently resides in a suburb of Austin, Texas where he lives a very happy life with his wife and three children.

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Kyle Headley

Co-Founder & COO


Kyle Headley our Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder is based out of Edinburgh, Scotland and has a wealth of operational and client relations experience. Kyle has 15 years of experience in technology operations industry which is accountable for his success in guiding global business strategies to enhance performance and minimize risk. Talent forlanding projects or programs relating to technology enhancement, operational strategy, digital transformation, and fundraising. Expert leader, negotiator, and businessperson; able to forge and maintain solid relationships with strategic patterns and build consensus across multiple organizational levels. Kyle has been an advisor and key team member on over a dozen successful startup blockchain projects. Kyle created the IOC LaunchPad which will offer turnkey token offering solutions from the ground up. With Kyle's success record, IOC will take projects from idea all the way through to funding. Our LaunchPad will provide the very best professional consulting services in the blockchain and cryptocurrency arenas.

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MacKenzie Moody

Co-Founder & CFO

Our CFO MacKenzie Moody brings 7 years of corporate accounting experience to IOC. After a successful career in the hotel accounting sector, MacKenzie has now shifted her focus to the financial accounting world. MacKenzie is pursuing her Masters in Accounting and Finance. With her strong educational foundation integrated with her hospitality background, she is poised to deliver an exceptionally polished investment experience to meet all IOC clients' needs and wants.  

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David Lofts


David is a Brand Architect with a background in global consumer marketing who now works exclusively to raise ethical start-up funding for blockchain businesses. His passion for blockchain stems from a belief in decentralization, a desire for positive world change and an even playing field for young entrepreneurs. David has developed strategies for many major corporations, such as Chrysler JEEP, Lloyds Group, and Saudi American Bank. David is the Founder of Crypto & Blockchain start-ups Ethical ICO Ltd, Chainstarter, and the 21 Million Project. 

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Stephane Savannah


Stef Savannah our CBT has immense technical expertise in blockchain technology based on deep dive Research and Development since 2013. He is co-inventor on over 60UK and international patent applications. Stef's 30+ years in IT include 17 years in capital markets and significant periods in business consultancy; health; publishing; manufacturing; and government. On the academic side Stef has qualifications in both physical and human sciences beginning with a BSc(Hons) from Monash University majoring in Physics and Mathematics. Stef earned his Ph.D at the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition at Macquarie University, where he researched the nexus between consciousness and human, animal, and artificial intelligence.

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Holt Hackney



Holt is a former staff writer at Financial World magazine, who started his own public relations firm in 2001. Since then, he has worked with dozens of financial services, many of which are in the active trading or alternative investments space. He has a strong track record of helping young companies and startups highlight their unique value into the marketplace.

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Devon Robinson


Our CTO Devon Robinson is an experienced System and Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications industry. Skilled in Python, SQL, C/C++, and Shell Scripting. With a Bachelor's of Science focused in Physics, Devon is passionate about utilizing his technology skillset in the cryptocurrency investment sector. 

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Alan Wong

IOC International Business Relations

"Asian Corridor"

Respected ecosystem builder, business advisor and serial entrepreneur with a unique combination of experiences in both large organizations and entrepreneurial start-ups. Presently he spearheads Storiqa APAC and leads the operational initiatives for token exchange listing, technology partnerships and adoption in Asia. 

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Justin Day

STO/Sales Advisor

Justin is a successful salesman with approximately 15 years in the sales and marketing industry. He has successfully raised millions of dollars for start ups.

On top of his expertise in sales Justin is also a successful businessman. He owns three successful companies, a newspaper, a real estate investment firm and a consultancy.

Justin has vast experience in overseeing start ups, fund raising, community growth, supplier management and OTC trades.







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Harrison Hackney

U.S. Trading Instructor/Advisor


Harrison is an experienced cryptocurrency trader, who learned the business during the boom, bust, and reconsolidation of the market, applying his own intuitive insights during each phase. He has experience using the most basic of trading platforms, as well as the more obscure ones. Austin-breed, Harrison graduated from Westlake High School. Accustomed to being a leader, he was a 3-year starter on the varsity basketball team there. He later attended the University of Arkansas, where he was accepted in the Walton School of Business, before devoting his full energies to cryptocurrency trading.

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Alec Garza

Community Manager

Alec is a young and highly motivated individual who has experience building relationships, managing team environments, and growing communities through storytelling and social media. With experience ranging from delivering optimal service and performance as a retail banker, to managing teams and providing consultation in the political spectrum; Alec brings a diverse background of communication-based skill sets that are adaptable to meet the strategic needs of expanding the online presence of Investors of Crypto and our ability to service our clients.

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Audre Ingersol

Director of Human Resources

Experienced Human Resources Director with years of relevant experience in human development, leadership, and employee management. I strive to create employee centered work environments while creating and upholding sound company practices and policies.

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1 IOCX = 0.10 USD

Soft: $4Million USD

Hard: $60Million USD

Raised: $4.5Million USD

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